How do I order a new IPO Research Online project room?

Once you have a corporate account set up, simply email with your chosen project name/title, your bespoke disclaimer (if any) and the documents you wish to be uploaded. We’ll create your IPO Research Online, upload files, install your disclaimer and send you an email back (with Dealcode if required), and a URL so you can test the IPO Research Online.

To set-up a corporate account, please contact or call +44(0)20 7653 8830

How quickly can a new IPO Research Online project room be opened?

Within a few minutes. Simply email your files to, which is monitored around the clock. We’ll create your room, upload your files and send back an email with your unique deal URL – then you’re ready to go.

How do I send Secure Mail (if enabled)?
  1. Log in to IPO Research Online
  2. Click Secure Mail
  3. Compose in the menu
  4. Choose one or more recipients from the room (only other users in the chosen room can be recipients of the secure messages)
  5. Enter your message, attaching a file if desired and press Send Secure Message

Your recipient will receive a real email notifying them that they have received a new secure message and containing a link to take them to IPO Research Online.

How do I invite a new investor or user into IPO Research Online (if enabled)?

In order to be able to invite a new investor to the IPO Research Online you need to be setup as a Room Manager, if you are not a Room Manager then the Tabs required to invite new users will be hidden from you.

  1. Select the IPO Research Online project where you would like to invite the new user
  2. Select the Manage Room Tab on the top right hand side.
  3. Select the Room Access This will list all the current users of the iRoadshow.
  4. On the right hand side under Actions Select Invite Users
  5. You now have the screen required for inviting new users. You can choose what sort of access they will have to the iRoadshow (Normal User, Room Manager) and the default Folder permissions.
  6. If you have other iRoadshows in operation you can choose to select an existing member of those rooms to be added to the new Room under Invite an Existing User or if this is a new member, then select Invite New User.
  7. Enter the new user’s name and email address and select whether the notification is to be sent to yourself or direct to the new user.
How do I upload documents to IPO Research Online (if enabled)?

There are three ways to upload documents:

    1. For users of Google Chrome and Internet Explorer 10+, you can drag and drop one or more documents from a folder on your computer directly onto the page in IPO Research Online. There is a box labelled Drop Files Here that indicates when this option is available. This option will not work well for uploading whole folders or files that are very large (above 20MB); we recommend the Advanced uploader in that case.
    2. Alternatively, the ‘Advanced’ button on the Upload Files panel can be used to upload whole folders or very large documents. After clicking ‘Advanced’, you may be prompted to install ‘Java’ on your system; if so, follow the instructions on screen. When the Drop Files Here window appears, you can drag & drop files or folders from your local drives and press the Up Arrow to upload the files. When that is complete, refresh the page to see the uploaded files in IPO Research Online.
    3. If you are having trouble with those approaches (perhaps due to the absence of the necessary Java software), choose the ‘Advanced’ button then click the link to ‘Switch to Simple Uploader’, and select a file to upload using the more basic interface. To upload multiple files with the simple uploader, you can zip them on your system (in Windows, right click on a folder on your machine and select Add to Compressed Folder to create a single zip file to be uploaded).
How do I retrieve Deleted Documents?

If you delete a document by accident, you can recover it by visiting the *Manage Room* tab and then selecting the Trash Tab within seven days and clicking the Recover button. You need to be a Room Manager in order to retrieve deleted items. If you do not see the Manage Room Tab then ask the Room Manager to recover the item.

How do I set up Custom Terms and Conditions?

You can specify a set of custom terms & conditions that users need to agree to before they can access the contents of a given room. This option is available on the Manage Room screen, and you can enter any text you wish in the box or paste it from Word.

You can mandate that users need to agree to your terms & conditions once each calendar day (i.e. your acceptance expires at midnight), or that users need only agree the terms once for each room.

How do I Edit folder permissions?

Every folder has an associated set of permissions that defines who can see and edit the folder and the documents within it. To access this screen, right-click on a folder and select Edit Permissions. From there, you can choose which users can access the folder. If a folder is invisible to a given user, they will not be able to see or access it at all. Beware, users designated as Room Managers for the room can see invisible folders (iRoadshow will prevent you from clicking Invisible for those users).

Will IPO Research Online notify investors when new documents are added?

Yes, IPO Research Online can automatically notify users by email when new documents are added.

To turn on automatic notifications for your own account, you can visit the My Profile link and choose Change Details. From there, you can choose how often you wish to receive notification emails. If you choose Daily, for example, all changes in iRoadshow will be summarised in an email that will be sent at most once per day.

How can I provide feedback about IPO Research Online?

If you have any suggestions on how IPO Research Online might be improved, the team at Black&Callow would be delighted to hear from you!

Please email your comments to and we will keep you in the loop on any improvements we make as a result.