ipoResearchOnline Features

World Class Service

EU Data Protection

Your sell-side Research and your buy-side investor Lists are hosted on secure servers in Europe to comply with EU Data Protection

SEC and MAR Compliance

ipoResearchOnline is based on the SEC-compliant iRoadshow platform with additional research-specific features. The Manage Dashboard enables you to generate real-time, online reports into all investor activity at the touch of a button and save them as PDFs of CSV files

24/7 World Class Service

Uniquely, our team is independantly accredited as providing World Class Service by the institute of Customer Service. We guarantee a flexible and responsive service around the clock, whenever you need us.

Detailed Reporting

Page-level Reporting
See which pages investors spend the most time on, helping you to understand concerns and tailor your approach at each stage of your IPO.
Room-level Reporting
View which investors spend most time on your IPO Research to better identify and target opportunities.
Granular-level Reporting
View all participant activity in detail so you can judge the strength of demand and engage with investors in a more informed way.
Regulatory compliance
Generate real-time, online Reports into all investor activity at the touch of a button and save them as PDFs or XLS files onto your own drive.

Document and viewing optionality

Cross-browser and device compatibility
Securely view IPO Research on any device for greater flexibility and a faster, easier process
Automatic document previews
View a brief summary of each file’s contents to speed the process
Multi-file hosting
Native file hosting on the widest range of files, including Powerpoint, PDF, Word, Excel and video formats
Synchronised content
Raw video footage can be edited to synchronise with presentation slides (additional costs will apply)
Dynamic Watermarking
Records username and details onto any shareable documents to deter unauthorised dissemination.

Security with flexibility

Investor authentication & restriction
Ensure that only authorised parties can see your IPO Research via password protection and advanced database authentication
Blackout periods and other time restrictions
Restrict user access in ‘blackout periods’ and apply tiered file access privileges at the touch of a button.
Silo’d investor databases
Ensure that your investor lists remain silo’d & protected via high level, end-to-end encryption
Data capture protection
Prevent unauthorised content extraction including printing, saving, and copying.
Flexible Disclaimers
Bespoke or fixed Disclaimer/User Acceptance pages, with options for once-daily or every-time click-through.
High-level, end-to-end encryption
Protects your sensitive information from unauthorised viewers

IPO Research printing & distribution

Some investors may still prefer hard copy Research, so we can print, individually name and number hard copy Research reports around the clock and deliver to the tightest deadlines as a complement to our online service.

We also provide ‘bundled services’, including iRoadshows and production of your IPO Prospectus, as well as subsequent Annual Reports. Our sophisticated financial typesetting software ensures you receive fast, accurate proofs around the clock – including comparison and multi-level blacklined files required by some Listing Authorities. And to support your team our conference rooms ensure you can draft in comfort, supported by our in-house typesetting and customer service teams.

For over fifty years, we’ve project managed the most complex IPOs and secondary offerings and our experience includes transactions over multiple jurisdictions and territories. From Emerging Market transactions, domestic and international Retail offers in multiple languages, through to AIM placements, Black&Callow has the in-house resources to ensure your timelines and budget requirements are met.


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