Frequently Asked Questions
How quickly can a new IPO Research Online project room be opened?

Within a few minutes. Simply email your files to london@ipoResearchOnline.com, which is monitored around the clock. We’ll create your room, upload your files and send back an email with your unique deal URL – then you’re ready to go.

How are investors contacted?

You can email investors a link to your deal room which they can access for a set period of time. IPO Research Online requires secure username and Dealcode login for speedy access. Alternatively users can create an account which allows them to access each project they’re authorised to view, from one central hub.

How long can an IPO Research Online project room be active for?

As long as you need it to be – build, live and post-deal access are all included.

How and when is the IPO Research Online project room closed?

It can be closed at any time by you or your authorised representative.

Data storage

IPO Research Online is built on advanced VDR technology and is a fully managed service within the Calligo IaaS platform, hosted in Jersey at datacentres with both ISO 9001 and ISO27001 accreditation.

Global Data Protection Compliance

With servers based in Jersey & Guernsey, IPO Research Online ensures compliance with EU and global Data Protection legislation and ensures the service has no exposure to US data collection provisions.


IPO Research Online is protected  by 128-bit SSL/TLS encryption in transit and AES 256-bit cipher technology at rest, along with a host of additional security measures at software, server and business levels ensuring the greatest possible protection of your sensitive information.

What is the process for distributing the research reports through ipoResearchOnline?

Investors are sent an email from ipoResearchOnline and invited to log in to a secure online space (via URL in the email), entering user name (email address) and password (created at first log-in following invitation).  Once authenticated against the database, and once they have accepted a Disclaimer (client to provide if required), they can access research reports, which can be protected against content extraction, and made subject to time-limited availability.

Who would get access to the research reports and how would they find out about the reports?

Access would only be given to those people whose contact details are provided by the client (usually, the syndicate team). The process is in two parts: (1) Black&Callow (on instruction from the client) would send a bespoke email to proposed investors informing them that they will shortly be invited into an ipoResearchOnline space on behalf of the client.  The results of this email (bouncebacks, opens, global IP country of access and other data) is fed back to the client to enable them to refine the user list if they wish. (2) Once the client has finalised the research, it is uploaded to the secure online space and an email is sent from the platform to the investors with log-in details to that specific research.

How long would investors have access to the research reports?

Access to the report is governed by the client, who can inform Black&Callow of the period the document should be available to potential investors. This is set up individually for each report and can be changed at any time, at the request of the client.

How would investors gain access to the reports?

Investors are invited to view the specific report via email which has a URL link, taking them to the log-in page of ipoResearchOnline. If this is their first log-in, they need to confirm their identity and are invited to create their own password. In addition, we can provide optional two-factor authentication such as vi an SMS message to each participant’s mobile phone number.

Are investor usernames and passwords specific to each transaction or can they be used to access other research the investor is eligible to view?

On first authentication, investors are invited to create a password, which will give them access to a particular project. Thereafter, any further projects to which they are invited – identified by their email address – will give them access to all research which is currently available to them, assuming they login with their password. However the initial email sent to them would, of course, invite them to view a particular project.

Still need help? Don’t hesitate to contact us.

For any other questions, please email us at support@IPOResearchOnline.com or call us on +44(0)20 7653 8830